The problem with Congress’ new plan to pay Medicare docs

Doctors who accept Medicare patients have received reduced reimbursements from the government since 1997. Almost annually Congress passes short term spending measures called “doc fix”. This allows Congress to pay doctors a higher reimbursement rate. The issue has been that these are short term solutions to a long term problem. John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi […]

Planning Your Required Distributions

For those in or near retirement, the age of 70½ is a key transition point: Retirees need to begin planning for required minimum distributions (RMDs) that are taken annually from employer-sponsored retirement plans and traditional IRAs. Understanding the rules can help to ensure that you take these distributions in a manner that is best suited […]

Financial Considerations for Americans Retiring Abroad

The decision to retire abroad requires you to take several unique factors into consideration. The Social Security Administration allows eligible individuals living outside of the United States to collect Social Security retirement payments. There are exceptions to the rule, however. In addition, the I.R.S. expects Americans to pay taxes on income earned anywhere in the […]

Rolling Over: The Benefits of Consolidating Your Assets

If you’ve recently changed jobs — or maybe changed jobs a few times over the years — you may be juggling multiple retirement plan accounts. While it’s certainly acceptable to leave your money in your former employer’s plan (as long as your balance is over $5,000, your old employer can’t cash you out), in many […]

New Tax Forms to Fill out on Health Insurance Coverage

On your tax form this year. You will have to indicate whether you had health insurance through either your employer, privately, or through one of the state or federal exchanges. If not, you face potential penalties. If you receive subsidies through one of the exchanges and had a change in income you may have to […]

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